ACL reconstruction with quadriceps or patellar tendon grafts, and tenodesis (STABILITY 2 trial)

One of the most important research projects in ACL reconstruction came from the STABILITY 1 trial, which was a randomised trial comparing ACL reconstruction with or without lateral extra-articular tenodesis (an extra part to the operation, in which a section of iliotibial band on the outside of the knee is connected in to the thigh bone). The trial showed that for high-risk patients, a lateral extra-articular tenodesis reduced the risk of the new graft rupturing by nearly 3 times.

STABILITY 2 is the latest trial in this series, and it is looking at quadriceps and patellar tendon grafts, as well as lateral extra-articular tenodesis, to see which combination gives the best results for patients. Nick Smith in the principal investigator at UHCW NHS Trust, recruiting patients, and ensuring the project runs smoothly.